A Quick Guide To Planning A Home Addition

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A Quick Guide To Planning A Home Addition


Are you dreaming of adding to your home, but the task seems a little daunting? You are not alone, there are often several people who after living in their home for a time start thinking of adding an addition. It could be an unexpected new family member, the desire for a larger kitchen or living room, or even an additional bathroom. People who consider adding an addition to their home often find themselves in the same spot you are in, not knowing where to start or if it is even feasible to add to their home. Let’s look at the steps involved with planning an addition.

The very first thing you should do is determine what kind of addition you are looking for. Are you adding a bathroom, expanding the kitchen, or making another room? Once you know what kind of addition you are looking to do, then you can take the next steps to make your addition a reality. Look at your finances so you have an idea of how much money you can put towards your addition, either with the cash you have on hand or by taking out a loan. Be sure to weigh your options carefully.


Plan to have a little more than your expected addition is going to cost. Sometimes unknown problems arise that could cost a little more than was originally thought. Knowing how much money you can apply towards your addition will help you plan accordingly and be helpful when you seek estimates for the work.

Now that you know what kind of addition you would like and how much money you can apply towards the addition, look at the area where you plan to add the addition. How big is the addition, do you have enough room for the size of the project, is there any landscaping that needs to be preserved or removed? Will you be doing the removing of any obstacles or are you planning on having the contractor handle it? Once you have confirmed you have the space, decided on how to handle any obstacles, consult an architect to draw up your plans, or if you are familiar with drawing plans you could draw them yourself.


When you receive your plans, review them and make sure they are what you described to your architect and that you are happy with the design. With your plans in hand, you can begin obtaining estimates from contractors for the work. A good place to start the process is to ask friends or family members for any contractor references. Carefully review the contractor’s estimates to ensure they are providing everything you are asking for and that they will be handling pulling the permit for the work and scheduling the inspections. Ask questions regarding how long the work is expected to take and when they anticipate starting the work.

After you have reviewed the estimates provided to you and asked all your questions, it is time to make a choice. If you are ready to proceed with the addition, make sure you have your financing in place then meet with the contractor you choose to do the work and sign the contracts. Be sure to finalize the estimated start time of the project so that you will be prepared for the construction crews that will be coming in.