Best Counter Tops For The Kitchen

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September 20, 2020
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Best Counter Tops For The Kitchen

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There are tons of kitchen countertop options out there for every budget. You have to really take your time and consider what kind of countertop fits your lifestyle and your budget. You have to also realize that your countertop is also a valuable investment in your home and for your own peace of mind.

Do you love to cook? You don’t want to have to keep having to replace your countertop because you keep burning it and scratching it up.

The best countertop to have is quartz. It is very low maintenance. It is non-porous and can resist impact and heat. I’ve personally seen that it is popular in many modern homes and apartments. It has a very sleek aesthetic that is somewhat similar to granite. Quartz is the way to go if you love to cook and feed family and friends. It can be expensive but it is always worth it.

Marble is one of the most regarded of countertops because of its luxurious aesthetic. It is popular in the design world and can really bring your kitchen a sense of regality. Marble can stain over time and will need occasional maintenance but that’s the price of luxury. Regular sealing should keep your marble looking fresh to impress all of the dinner guests.

Granite is one of the most popular countertops overall. It can be a bit expensive as well because it is literally one of the hardest countertops. Granite offers a traditional high-end look as well as a durable surface. It requires a bit more care than quartz but less than marble. Granite is an all-natural material so each cut is very unique. Just a reseal a year should keep it looking fresh.

Wood surfaces are popular and I see them often in restaurants. Sealed butcher-style countertops give a lodge feel if you’re a hunting and fishing, type person.

You can also mix it in with other countertop surfaces to create different feels within a kitchen. Surprisingly, laminated wood is highly heat resistant. Wood will show knife marks but of course, that only adds to your aesthetic.

Stainless steel can provide an industrial look to your modern kitchen. It only requires that you keep it clean with soap and water. It can be very stylish when done correctly.

Tile is a great inexpensive option that can make any kitchen pop. You can create your own designs and even do it yourself if you’re into DYI projects.

Solid Surfaces are popular for those on a budget. You can get different colors and sizes to completely customize your kitchen how you like it. Solid surface counters are traditionally not very heat resistant so it isn’t recommended if you love to cook in your kitchen but they aren’t costly to repair. Concrete is another great option but also an expensive one. Concrete can get pricey but aside from occasional resealing, it rarely needs maintenance.

These are a few of the best countertop options available but do your research. There tons of options and definitely something that fits you and your lifestyle. We at Phoenix Construction Group can help with your decisions.