How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost?

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How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost?

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Maybe you’ve been thinking of upgrading your kitchen. Perhaps you’re not too sure what it’s going to cost you. In this post, we’ll look at what factors influence the cost of your renovation and how to save money.


Is it a Complete Overhaul?

If everything is being ripped out and replaced from scratch, you’re looking in the $30 000 range. This budget usually includes replacing the cabinets and appliances, painting the walls, and resurfacing the floor.


Is it a Few Cosmetic Changes?

The more that you can save from your old kitchen, the more money you stand to save. Maybe the cabinets are still in good shape but need a facelift. A basic remodel with resurfacing of cabinets, painting, and installing a new backsplash costs around $10 000.


How You Can Save on Renovations

Now that you have a basic idea of the costs involved let’s look at how to save you some money.


Start with a Pro Contractor

Most of us think that doing it ourselves would be a less expensive way to go. That might be true if you’re very good at woodwork. If not, it’s best to hire a professional to assess the situation.

They’ll be able to advise you on how to refinish the cabinets properly. You’ll pay extra for labor, but the costs on supplies would be less than you’d pay yourself. Best of all, you get the job done quickly and professionally.


What Can You Reuse?

Check the kitchen carefully. What elements can you reuse? Maybe your kitchen cabinets look dated. That’s not a big deal. Consider having them painted over or entirely refinished. Even just replacing the handles is sometimes enough to update the look.

By reusing the cabinets, you’re saving a lot of money on new lumber and labor.


What Accent Pieces Can You Use to Update the Look?

If you can’t afford to refinish everything, consider using accent pieces instead. A cool new backsplash and some new appliances can make everything look fresher.


Don’t Forget the Power of Paint

Over time, the walls of any kitchen can start to look dingy. This wear-and-tear, in turn, can make the kitchen look a lot older. Painting the walls is a quick way to update the look on a limited budget.


Consider Extra Lighting

Extra lighting can also provide a kitchen with a much-needed boost. Consider installing lighting under the top cabinets to illuminate the work surface.

Alternatively, consider installing a new window or door to let in more light. You could also look at removing some of the cabinets that you don’t use to create more space overall.


Final Notes

Kitchen renovations are not cheap. That said, there is nothing that can update your house faster than a new kitchen setup. If you’re considering selling, upgrading the kitchen can improve your property value and make it more attractive.

To save some money, reuse as much as possible from the old kitchen. With some paint, perhaps a bright new backsplash, and some new appliances, your kitchen can look like new again.