Signs It’s Time to Replace the Windows In Your Home

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February 18, 2020
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Signs It’s Time to Replace the Windows In Your Home


Replacing the windows in your home adds aesthetic appeal and charm while improving the comfort your family feels and reducing heating and cooling costs. Although replacing windows is a job you can tackle for no reason at all, it can be expensive and so most homeowners wait until one or more of the following signs are present. If you notice the signs below, it is time to make the call to a professional to discuss window replacement.


If you notice drafts coming in through the windows, it is time for a replacement. Window drafts not only create discomfort for the entire household but also increase costs of heating/cooling the home.

Foggy Windows

Kids love foggy windows since they can write in the fog, which is totally cool to a child. Parents should take action the first time they see fog on the windows inside the home since it indicates drafts that allow cool air inside the house! Whether the panes are loose or other trouble causes drafts, it is a problem that you should not ignore!

Visible Damage

Replace windows that have visible damage. It is unappealing to the home as well as dangerous to children and other members of the family. Whether it is a crack, chip, or other types of damage, replacing the window now reduces trouble later and may also prevent accidents and injuries.

Hard to Open/Shut

Windows that are difficult to open or shut should also be replaced as this is a common indication they’ve reached the end o their lifecycle. Windows that are difficult to open cause frustration that is easily avoided by simply replacing the windows.

What’s That You Say, Windows?

Listen carefully and if your home whispers to you, maybe it’s not Casper and all of his friendly ghost buddies, but instead faulty windows. Window drafts signal the need to replace the windows since now you are essentially allowing heat and air to seep out of the home.

You Hate the Windows

If it has been some time since the windows were replaced, or if they’ve never been replaced at all, perhaps you want to modernize the home. In such an event, new windows are an essential part of the remodel. New windows that simply no longer meet your design requirements should be replaced.