The Latest Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

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June 29, 2020
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The Latest Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom trends 2020

As time goes on new trend ideas are becoming more and more fashionable. Our grays are now becoming darker colors such as black gold and brass.

You will mostly see these colors on light fixtures, vanities, and other fixtures with matte finishes. We are already familiar with smart toilets with heated seats automatic lid openers deodorizers and built-in dryers that are adjustable.
If you are impressed with the technology of that toilet, you will be delighted to know what’s next! We will soon be seeing smart showers, yes, that’s right, smart showers.

With that being said the homeowner will be able to set his shower to start automatically. That means while driving home from work the smart shower can be set to turn on at a certain time and the shower is all ready and warm’ waiting for your arrival.

For all of you who enjoy listening to music while you shower’ here’s another great feature, there is access to a built-in blue tooth speaker with sound-activated features for lighting temperature control and voice-activated mirrors that actually talk to you!!

Our every day modern bathrooms are being completely transformed into luxurious day spas making our experience much more pleasant with major calming effects.

Adding the gold fixtures is must have to compliment all new features in your bathroom this year. these fixtures add a warm sleek and cozy and inviting environment. you will notice that gold tones are becoming very trendy these days. This makes quite a statement for the year 2020.


Now let’s talk about the tile. With so many shapes now to choose from such as hexagon, arabesque, diamond, and many others plus the vast amounts of colors and textures.

Larger sized bathtubs are a great addition as well offering you a more spacious and enjoyable relaxing time while bathing. While adding an extra open shower gives your bathroom the appearance of looking bigger it also provides a more convenient space for the user.

Underfloor heating is a much-added bonus for those long cold winter days and nights. A bonus for this type of flooring is that it can be used with many different types of floors such as tile, concrete, vinyl wood, and many others as well.
Underfloor heating not only provides heat, but it also lessens the noise levels and is really great for anyone who suffers allergies because there are no air currents to disturb the dust.