Tips For Hiring a Renovation Contractor

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Tips For Hiring a Renovation Contractor


Hiring a renovation contractor is not as easy as one would think. If you are considering tearing down a wall or replacing kitchen cabinets, it may seem like a simple task, but there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration. Even if the contractor is an expert in his field, it doesn’t mean he will know what to do with your house. There are some things you should do on your own before approaching anyone about a remodel.


The first thing to do is research a contractor. Once you have done this research, you will have a good idea of what style you want, and you will be able to answer the questions he asks you. Before hiring a contractor, ask for references. Don’t tell him all your friends who did similar projects, or let him contact your friends. You will probably get at least one call from him asking you to take care of a big job that he has been hired for, so don’t be afraid to take the call.


Once you have chosen a renovation contractor, be sure to ask for several bids. Most contractors charge a set rate for kitchen and bathroom/dining room work, so don’t assume that the cost is the same. Sometimes a contractor might offer you a reduced price if you deal with him directly, or if you use him to provide sub-contractor work for other projects. If you’re working with a contractor that employs several other people, make sure to ask them for a list of references.


Be prepared to pay a lot more than the normal cost for most remodeling projects. Some contractors have “hidden” costs such as insurance and property assessments that you won’t find out until you sign the contract. You don’t have to worry about hidden charges with Phoenix Construction Group! Find out the total cost upfront so you will be well informed of what to expect. Also, be aware that a contract often includes specific instructions for how work must be completed, so be sure to read it over carefully.


Make sure you fully understand any guarantees offered by the contractor, as these can vary greatly between contractors. For example, a guarantee may state that the contractor will finish the work within a specified time, or it may only state that certain aspects of the job will be done within a set number of days. Read over your contractor’s guarantee in detail before hiring him. If there are specific aspects of the job that aren’t included in the guarantee, the contractor’s guarantee probably doesn’t cover them.


One final tip when hiring a contractor: never attempt any remodeling project without the expressed approval of your contractor. A contract is designed to protect both you and your contractor, so there is no room for misunderstandings or unexpected delays. Read over all of your contractor’s written guarantees, policies and guarantees before hiring him. If you’re still unsure, then ask your friends or family members for referrals. Remember, hiring a remodeling contractor is a big investment; take the time to select a professional that will work best for your needs.